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 Post subject: Port forwarding issues
PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, 2004 1:27 am 
Black Belt
Black Belt

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I have a Netgear RP614v2 and Mediacom Cable Internet. With many of my games, I've had to forward ports in order to host and have never had any problems except with 2 programs, Steam and Counter-Strike 2D. A while back I had forwarded the ports for Steam and set up a server, gave up on that fairly quickly 'cause everytime I had a friend try to join, they'd be able to connect, but would be automatically kicked from the server. I tried joining, same thing. No big deal, just wanted to try it out. A few days later, I decided I wanted to play CS. I was able to see servers and everything, but while trying to connect, I would time out and never get into the server. I decided to go into the router and remove the port forward entries and that cleared up the problem. Well, last night, I decided to download Counter-Strike 2D. Sounded like it would be fun to play with and it is actually pretty cool. I then decided to set up a server, forwarded the required ports and people were able to connect and play. Well, after a while I decided to shut down the server and turned off my computer. I booted it up this morning and decided to play a few rounds of CS2D. I was able to see the servers, but would time out trying to connect. I messed around with a few things, still wasn't able to connect. So I disabled the forwarded ports and was able to connect right away. I then re-enabled the forwarding and decided to try disabling Norton Personal Firewall, which I also have running on my machine. Same problem, connection would time out trying to connect. As far as I can tell, CS2D has nothing to do with Steam, it's not a mod but a stand alone product. It might have been made with the Half-Life SDK, but could not find any info on that possibility. So, I've concluded that it has to be a problem with me restarting/shutting down my machine. It works fine until I come back to it at a later time, usually after restarting/shutting down. I don't have any problem with any other games though. I am able to host servers with UT2K4 and WarCraft 3, but not Steam or CS2D (which don't share common ports with each other) I thought it might be my ISP, since most don't like users hosting servers, but then why would I not be able to just play a quick round. Any ideas on what could possibly be the problem?

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2004 8:27 am 
Black Belt 1st Degree
Black Belt 1st Degree

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im not familiar with the steam or cs2d but i think it might be one of a few things.
1.) the cable connection you have is a "home" connection right? these accounts have certain ports blocked at the ISP's routers so you cant "cheat" the system and run commercial stuff off of a home account.
2.) you allso said that "after a while" it gives you a problem. coulde be that your connection is resetting with the dynamic IP your ISP is handing out. my IP address refreshes every 4 hours in las vegas. sometimes my UT2004 server and FREELANCER server will hang on the internet side. at one time my cable modem was taking the big dive on me and getting a replacement solved the issue.
3.) the games that wont host throught the router might need other ports open that your not aware of. does your router have the "DMZ" function? if it does and you deside to try for "testing purposes" be aware that you now outside the router and fully UNPROTECTED! you'll need a software firewall for this. zonealarm makes a good free one. if you run the DMZ and the games work like they should, its a router configuration error.
i would try getting ahold of tech support for the router and the internet connection if all else has failed and try to speak with a "senior" tech if possible.
good luck and hope this works out for ya.

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