Internet speed

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Internet speed

Post by c327 »

My community recently had att fiber installed. When talking to people here I find that they have all different speeds. The standard speed offered I think is around 5 Mbps. The other day I had issue with my internet being disconnected. ATT came out and checked the lines and said it was OK but my U-Verse router has known issues so they changed it with a new and different model.

While the tech guy was here he noticed my Sager Laptop (connected via Ethernet cable) was disconnecting and switching to wi fi. He said the internal Ethernet controller was either bad or the software was bad. I updated the software to the latest and that seems to have corrected the problem (great) because the Ethernet controller adapter is a part of the main board :(

The tech guy said since I use 2 PC's sometimes I might consider a faster internet speed. For an extra $10. a month over the basic charge ATT told me they would give me 24 Mbps so I went for it. My question is besides the faster internet speed does it increase any other performance aspect of my internet connection that I am not aware of or even though its only $10. more per month I as a homeowner user really need it?

I know there are quite a few internet speed checking websites, some offered by the internet provider. Is one more accurate than the other? My U-Verse router shows it has the ability of 1000 Mbps up and down. I tried Speakeasy and the one at ATT and the results are close to each other. Before checking the speed I cleared the cache and stopped programs from running in the background and this is what was returned.

Down 29.5 Mbps
Up 5.68 Mbps
Latency 4ms
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Re: Internet speed

Post by Roach412 »

It totally depends on your needs on whether you'll use it.

Strictly speaking, most home users wouldn't need anything more than ~5Mbps in the current consumer market. High-use "digital" families probably will need at least 10+, probably closer to 20, in order to accommodate multiple user simultaneous use.

For reference - Netflix streams at 3-5Mbps, if you wanted to stream a HD movie/show and do other things on the connection, and you only have 5Mbps you could see some degradation in the stream as well as slowness in the other activity. Obviously you can see that streaming and simultaneously watching youtube videos will basically consume a 5Mbps connection entirely alone. Most online games don't actually take up a lot of bandwidth - but demand low latency.

Your numbers are pretty good - you should have a very responsive online experience with your plan. My house has only 2 users, but high consumption, whether through games, videos, Netflix, Hulu...etc. I believe I'm on a 30Mbps plan, and we never have issues. We were previously on a 8 or 10Mbps plan, and still didn't have issues, but my game downloads are about 25% faster now on average I'd say. For me, it wasn't simply a 3x increase in download speeds by increasing my plan. There's a lot of different considerations that come into play on how your "rated" speed performs in real life.

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Re: Internet speed

Post by Comp_parter »


59 Mbps Down.
11.44 Mbps Up.

The wired computer downstairs get over 100 Mbps. My wifi is a little slow.
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