USB Wireless for XP

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USB Wireless for XP

Post by meppwc »

I want to replace my old PCI wireless network card with something that is better.
I would prefer a USB type application.
There is no gaming needs, just the ability to connect to my WIFI router at a reasonable rate of speed.
I am looking for suggestions to avoid purchasing something inadequate.
I am on XP OS.

One that I recently looked at is:
EDUP Wifi Adapter 300Mbps Wifi Dongle 2.4GHz Wireless USB Adapter with High Gain Antenna

Any thoughts on the one I mentioned? It only costs $13.
Any and all recommendations greatly appreciated.
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Re: USB Wireless for XP

Post by Mr T »

That one will work, XP is supported. Bear in mind if your routers wifi is only a/b/g then you won't get the maximum of 300mbps, but at most about 50mbps.. If your router is wifi n compatible, you will get a maximum of about 150mbps (if you are lucky). If your router is wifi n then you will get 300mbps (full THEORETICAL speed)..
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