Intel Wireless Cards for Laptops

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Intel Wireless Cards for Laptops

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This concerns my wifes year old HP Presario laptop with Windows 10 Home X64 that has an Intel AC 3160 wireless card. Since new this PC keeps getting disconnected from my home wireless network. I deleted the driver and installed the latest drivers from Intel's website but still get disconnected. When this PC is connected to my router by cable its fine. I am thinking the PC's wireless card is defective? I will try changing the setting of my Netgear router and see if that helps. My nextdoor neighbors wireless network may be interfering with my network ????

I was looking at the AC 8260 and the AC 8265 cards and was wondering if I can use either of them in this HP PC ?

Can I use any of these cards in this PC of my wife's ? and if so is it hard to replace ?

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Re: Intel Wireless Cards for Laptops

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What exact model is that laptop? HP is "whitelisting" wireless adapters so not all of them may work. There is a way to clear the whitelist but this involves customizing/[email protected] the bios.

Other thoughts:
if not using bluetooth for anything, turn it OFF

Press win+c,in search box write device manager >Go to device manager >right click on wifi adapter>go to properties>last tab will power management>uncheck the box "allow the computer to turn off wifi to save power"

If you have the option to use the 5GHz band (802.11ac) on your router, try that, the 2.4GHz band is crowded, not just from your neighbour but bluetooth and your microwave oven are in there too.
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