Router as wirless bridge

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Router as wirless bridge

Postby Mark H » Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:59 pm

Have a Linksys WRT54GL I am not using, so I decided to flash with DD-WRT and use it as a wireless bridge to extend the range. After a few days of playing, I got it working, and was all good......until my wireless speed dropped to about 4Mbs. Fired up the desktop (connected with CAT 5) and ran CNet speed test. That was getting 24 Mbs. Went into both routers, and nothing had changed, so I rebooted my modem; no change, rebooted the ASUS router; no change, rebooted the Linksys; no change. Said screw it, disconnected the Linksys, rebooted the ASUS again, and wireless back to 23 Mbs.
Maybe the old Linksys is just too tired......Like me

One of these days I might use the Linksys again as primary, and the ASUS as the bridge (no flashing required)........
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Re: Router as wirless bridge

Postby evasive » Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:32 am

Replace the power brick. The capacitors in the original brick are known bad branded ones. If you feel like having a go at it, recap your power brick. Got stung by that too, hence I know.
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