Milestone for 08-24-04

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Black Belt 3rd Degree
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Post by don'tknowmuch »

Thanks all, and congrats to my fellow 'stoners. Nice to see it in groups, shows were all puttin' out :D
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Post by Sabrewings »

Woohoo, my first milestone. That 1,000 seems kinda shrimpy compared to the others, but I guess we all gotta start somewhere! Not bad for a week, I suppose.
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Post by inteljunky »

congrats all, and, as always GET BACK TO WORK!! :lol:
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Post by Smurfcorpse »

Great job strasburg_valley
Super job speedblurr
Good folding chris754
Nice Job folding don'tknowmuch
Congrats Sabrewings
Kudos to all!
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