Milestone: Pa3lsvt

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Pette Broad
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Black Belt 5th Degree
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Milestone: Pa3lsvt

Post by Pette Broad »

Congrats on hitting the 1,000 points mark in double quick time :)

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Black Belt 3rd Degree
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Post by don'tknowmuch »

That was quick! Congrats and keep it going :D
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Post by inteljunky »

good work!
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Post by CDBurner »

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Post by redeye53 »

Fast! Good work! :D
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Post by Ladd »

Wow, was that ever fast!!! Way to fold man, thanks!
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four of diamonds
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Post by four of diamonds »

Quick run up to 1K! Congrats! :D
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Post by Southwind25 »

Hey Congratulations!! :D Here's to the first of many thousands!
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Post by m3tw0 »

awesome stuff !!!!!

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Post by speedblurr »

Congrats :wink:
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