My Number 2 machine is back in the FOLD

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My Number 2 machine is back in the FOLD

Post by trophyhunter_1 »

Just got my number 2 machine (XP2000+) folding again. I went out and got my wireless router and a wireless card (g protocal) for the #2 today at Staples ($49 for the router and $39 for the card after rebates of course) and its working great, very strong signal 3 rooms away from the router.

Probably get a third (XP1800+) up and running in the next month, I loaded Mandrake 10.0 on it this week, may be a challenge getting it on the wireless network, I'll have to start doing some research.
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Post by inteljunky »

i havnt done any wireless networking. but ive heard of people getting it to work.
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