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Slim Pickins'

Post by redeye53 »

Anybody notice the WU's Stanfotd is offering up lately?
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Pette Broad
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Post by Pette Broad »

I must be getting all the Gromacs then :) Unfortunately, they're all 18 pointers. Knocked out about 20 today.

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Post by inteljunky »

i am getting the 18 pointer gromatics too about 4 a day on my main machine
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Post by joshvee »

yup just got two 18 pointers. :? :( :evil:
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Post by C#Dave »

All I'm getting is 935's... Lucky me!

On the good side, the cpu's sure run cool!

I think what has happened, that so many have been incomplete, or hardly started at all, (like mine did at first) and now we're having to pick up the debris. Noticed the completion time has dropped a lot, so maybe the P4's are about done with them. The lone AMD is getting 18 pointers tho. At least one machine is making some progress...

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Post by CDBurner »

I've been getting mostly Gromacs, too, but my XP2000+ is working on a Tinker. I've been getting a lot of the 18-point Gromacs, but I'm also getting some 160-point Gromacs units.
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Post by Wyrm73 »

Ive been picking up several of the 11xx units. I thought those were only going to machines prefering [email protected] Not worth many points, but they sure go fast.
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Post by don'tknowmuch »

563's...563's....563's.....563's..... :roll: ......... :D
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Post by evasive »

93x's for the last week.
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Post by Wookie8662 »

I currently have the following:

5 x 563's (18 pts)
1 x 733 (11.9 pts)
1 x 1012 (40.15 pts)
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