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Postby len444 » Sat Oct 25, 2003 8:51 pm

Southwind25 wrote:Ok Len we may be talking about different things. It did reset to 0 WU's on my graphical display. On one machine it went from 66 to 0 and started over. I'm taling about in the team stats it still shows me only running 3 processors which is correct. I changed them on Tuesday , so the change was in the last week.

hey, this isn't critical, you know. i see my # of processors go up, and you don't. there must be a difference somewhere that causes the divergence. when my # of processors goes up (it's at 4 now), it takes a week or so, and it will then drop back to the actual # (which is 2 currently- will be 3 in a week or so if everything goes as planned). that's what i've seen. again, it's really not critical. the team stats i'm referencing, are the stats linked to in my sig (just to be certain it's the same stats).

edit: it's now showing that i have 3 processors- it should drop to 2 soon.
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