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Post by joshvee »

Hehe I have a $10 a day habbit....(tailor mades) The nicotine gum costs as much but less pleasure....If they really want ppl to quit, the gum should be cheaper.
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Post by Aussie »

If they really want ppl to quit, the gum should be cheaper.
My thoughts exactly, if the government are honestly concerned for our wellbeing and want us to quit they should redirect part of the huge tax haul they make from smokers towards subsidising the gum and the patches.

Personally I think the government is primarily concerned with the increasing cost of smoking as far as the health budget goes not our wellbeing and their solution is to "tax the #/&* out of the suckers, that'll fix it". :roll:

The worst of it is that these guys spend three years coming up with solutions like this and then get a huge pension for the rest of their lives. Take 10% off the top of all the politicians pensions and we could all have FREE gum & patches. :twisted:

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter - Martin Luther King
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Post by Tulatin »

Aussie - what you say is ENTIRELY true in canada. For years, health canada has been bitchign about health issue, but they'll NEVER ban it. Why? They make a $%^[email protected]# of money taxing you silly...
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