Can't get new work units....

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Post by Eddie2001 »

Thanks for the info Boheemee! So far things seem to be working fine...I've already completed 2 WU for over 10K points with no problems.

Would there be any reason or advantage to install the newer version of the [email protected] program? I tend to leave well enough alone, but of course if the newer program works faster (as in more points!) then I will do that.

Hope you have a good Christmas as well :)

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Post by boheemee »

I don't know that there is any advantage to running the newest version of [email protected] software. Like you I tend to leave well enough alone,(if it ain't broke don't fix it) The link below is to the V7: Introduction page. You can read the info and decide for yourself. I may try it at some time in the future, but I'm satisfied with the version I'm running for now. ... roduction/
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Post by bdub »

my points totals rocketed up once I started using v7... it uses the graphics card as well as multi-threads the processor really well.

thumbs up!
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