Not getting credits for w/u's

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Not getting credits for w/u's

Postby Eddie2001 » Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:45 am

I have turned in several w/u's in the past 2 weeks and have only received credit for a couple of them. One turned in almost 2 weeks ago still has not been credited, and a couple others within the past 5 days are not shown.

The w/u's that never seem to be credited are ones uploaded from my laptop while travelling for work - wonder if the system doesn't recognize w/u's from other than your home ISP??

Not so sure anymore about leaving the laptop on all night in the hotel room to process the w/u's and not get credit for them!


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Postby Karlsweldt » Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:46 pm

Should not matter where you sent them from, as long as your user name and team number are part of the submitted data.
In the folder for the F@H program, there is a file noted as "FAHlog.txt" which you can read easily, and note if the WU submitted was credited and to what server. It is a running log of your progress. If your team number and user name are not shown, then run the Console configuration process to ensure your ID is listed.
It may be that some servers are not in the collection schedule for results daily, and it may take a few days (or more) for the results to be collated.
As long as the WU was submitted within the desired time frame, you should get credit for it. But if beyond the date due, there may be little or no credit.
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Postby Eddie2001 » Wed Feb 04, 2009 4:46 pm

Thanks for the info Karl....just last night I uploaded a finished w/u while on the road in Belen, New Mexico, and I have already received credit for it. However, I never did get credit for this one:

01:29:30] + Processing work unit
[01:29:32] Core required: FahCore_78.exe
[01:29:32] Core found.
[01:29:35] Working on Unit 04 [January 16 01:29:35]
[01:29:35] + Working ...
[01:29:35] *------------------------------*
[01:29:35] Folding@Home Gromacs Core
[01:29:35] Version 1.90 (March 8, 2006)
[01:29:36] Preparing to commence simulation
[01:29:36] - Looking at optimizations...
[01:29:36] - Files status OK
[01:29:47] - Expanded 236885 -> 1167461 (decompressed 492.8 percent)
[01:29:52] Project: 4444 (Run 580, Clone 1, Gen 4)
[01:29:55] Assembly optimizations on if available.
[01:29:55] Entering M.D.
[01:30:16] (Starting from checkpoint)
[01:30:16] Protein: p4444_Seq44_Amber03
[01:30:16] Writing local files
[01:32:11] Completed 1475887 out of 1500000 steps (98)
[01:32:11] Extra SSE boost OK.
[01:56:34] Writing local files
[01:56:34] Completed 1485000 out of 1500000 steps (99)
[02:33:10] Writing local files
[02:33:10] Completed 1500000 out of 1500000 steps (100)
[02:33:10] Writing final coordinates.
[02:33:10] Past main M.D. loop
[02:34:10] Finished Work Unit:
[02:34:10] - Reading up to 188832 from "work/wudata_04.arc": Read 188832
[02:34:10] - Reading up to 18924 from "work/wudata_04.xtc": Read 18924
[02:34:10] goefile size: 0
[02:34:10] logfile size: 76092
[02:34:10] Leaving Run
[02:34:10] - Writing 290852 bytes of core data to disk...
[02:34:11] Done: 290340 -> 210446 (compressed to 72.4 percent)
[02:34:11] ... Done.
[02:34:11] - Shutting down core
[02:34:11] Folding@home Core Shutdown: FINISHED_UNIT
[02:34:14] CoreStatus = 64 (100)
[02:34:14] Sending work to server

[02:34:14] + Attempting to send results
[02:34:16] + Results successfully sent
[02:34:16] Thank you for your contribution to Folding@Home.
[02:34:16] + Number of Units Completed: 72

Also I note that my page shows 4 processors active in the last 50 days, but I only have 3 (a dual core desktop and a single core laptop)...something is hosed somewhere :)

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