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Postby whiteboy » Mon Jul 07, 2008 11:47 am

Sorry folks for not getting last weeks milestones posted. For anyone that I may have missed last week a big congrats. I will try and get this weeks posted sometime today or tomorrow. I just now got my phone line hooked up and I missed not gettin my highspeed by a canal being between me and the junction box, so I got connected to a non-highspeed box about 15 blocks away. Good thing that laptops come preinstalled with Dialup trail software.. as I didn't get a chance to install a modem in the desktop yet or download any software for it, I can't get online yet so I down on folding for awhile. On the safe side before I unhooked my system I install 4 console versions so I wouldn't have to worry about tight deadlilnes....low and behold they were small and I finish them up in about 6-8 hours...go figure...I think my PPD was higher one 4 consoles then one smp...talking about points being out of wrack
Amd Phenom 9500 Quad on a ECS a770m mobo
4 gigs ram
ATI Radeon x1950pro w/1 gig ram video card
2 250 gig samsung sata HDs
2 lite on sata dvd burners
all in a raidmax blue neon case running Vista64
total cost under $600 built march 2008
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Anti-Static Strap
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