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Postby whiteboy » Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:47 pm

Is anyone else having a hard time with a SMP wu being posted?
I had one finish around 17 hours ago ( around 1 am EST on 4/26) and have not seen it post at all. A few of my smaller Wu have posted that have finish after that have posted but not my SMP. here is a bit of the log from when it was finish showing it was sent:

04:09:26] Writing local files
[04:09:26] Completed 5000000 out of 5000000 steps (100 percent)
[04:09:26] Writing final coordinates.
[04:09:26] Past main M.D. loop
[04:09:26] Will end MPI now
[04:10:26] Finished Work Unit:
[04:10:26] - Reading up to 517920 from "work/wudata_09.arc": Read 517920
[04:10:26] - Reading up to 970848 from "work/wudata_09.xtc": Read 970848
[04:10:26] goefile size: 0
[04:10:26] logfile size: 140915
[04:10:26] Leaving Run
[04:10:29] - Writing 1830727 bytes of core data to disk...
[04:10:29] ... Done.
[04:10:29] - Failed to delete work/wudata_09.sas
[04:10:29] - Failed to delete work/wudata_09.goe
[04:10:29] Warning: check for stray files
[04:10:29] - Shutting down core
[04:12:29] Folding@home Core Shutdown: FINISHED_UNIT
[04:12:29] Folding@home Core Shutdown: FINISHED_UNIT
[04:12:33] CoreStatus = 64 (100)
[04:12:33] Unit 9 finished with 72 percent of time to deadline remaining.
[04:12:33] Updated performance fraction: 0.682434
[04:12:33] Sending work to server
[04:12:33] + Attempting to send results
[04:12:33] - Reading file work/wuresults_09.dat from core
[04:12:33] (Read 1830727 bytes from disk)
[04:12:33] Connecting to
[04:13:14] Posted data.
[04:13:14] Initial: 0000; - Uploaded at ~43 kB/s
[04:13:14] - Averaged speed for that direction ~42 kB/s
[04:13:14] + Results successfully sent
[04:13:14] Thank you for your contribution to Folding@Home.

[04:13:14] + Number of Units Completed: 24

[04:15:35] - Warning: Could not delete all work unit files (9): Core returned invalid code
[04:15:35] Trying to send all finished work units
[04:15:35] + No unsent completed units remaining.
[04:15:35] - Preparing to get new work unit...
[04:15:35] + Attempting to get work packet
[04:15:35] - Will indicate memory of 4094 MB
[04:15:35] - Connecting to assignment server
[04:15:35] Connecting to http://assign.stanford.edu:8080/
[04:15:36] Posted data.
[04:15:36] Initial: 40AB; - Successful: assigned to (

[04:15:36] + News From Folding@Home: Welcome to Folding@Home
[04:15:36] Loaded queue successfully.
[04:15:36] Connecting to
[04:15:38] Posted data.
[04:15:38] Initial: 0000; - Receiving payload (expected size: 1648612)
[04:15:43] - Downloaded at ~321 kB/s
[04:15:43] - Averaged speed for that direction ~301 kB/s
[04:15:43] + Received work.
[04:15:43] Trying to send all finished work units
[04:15:43] + No unsent completed units remaining.
[04:15:43] + Closed connections

you can see where it was sent and where it got a new WU. So whats up?[/b]

added screenshot with my extreme folding info:

Amd Phenom 9500 Quad on a ECS a770m mobo
4 gigs ram
ATI Radeon x1950pro w/1 gig ram video card
2 250 gig samsung sata HDs
2 lite on sata dvd burners
all in a raidmax blue neon case running Vista64
total cost under $600 built march 2008
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Postby Karlsweldt » Sat Apr 26, 2008 3:22 pm

During normal working hours Monday to Friday, the servers may be serviced or off-loaded every hour or so. But from late Friday night until early Monday morning, that is "skeleton crew" time! Servers may not be off-loaded for up to 12 hours or more.
The results of all WUs have to be compared to a standard model, before they are credited.
And if a server takes in a lot of WUs, it may be "full" and can't accept any more.. then you are redirected to another server. And the server that has your account will go down for maintenance every now and then.

Just keep plugging along. You will be credited for all your work. It sometimes takes up to 5 days to post credits. Depends on staffing.
F@H.. to solve mankind's maladies.. in our lifetimes!
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