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Black Belt 1st Degree
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Thorium Brotherhood's raiding environment is starting to go downhill I think. How are things back on Boulderfist? Are people genuinely helpful, or selfish jerks as I've seen on some others...?

Been watching Ryutaroakatarou's videos on youtube lately, and his "finding a server" video got me thinking about potentially finding a PVP-RP server with a med-high population that has good raid progression. I've beenout of the game since March, and have been itchin' to play again...
Tono Sien

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I just wanna say ... what's the point of using mh??? what's fun with it???? its cool when u blind hook or arrow some1 in fog... those mher ppl r noob ppl who just want 2 win... i hope garena take it more srs n come up with stronger ban system...

I love how you all are whining about how there are so many patches. It shows that blizzard is caring towards a game that was released a decade ago. Unlike you all who're bitching cuz you have to download a file... you lazy twats.

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