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Postby Aibohphobia » Tue Jul 09, 2002 1:51 pm

By the end of the summer you will owe me a dollar.

yes well CS is still a mod for the aging HL engine, which seems to suit it perfectly. I heard they spent 7 million dollars on creating the Army game, and will continue to spend more. But with 7 million dollars you could buy 1.8 million star bucks regular frappuccinos, a pencil--or two or three--for every child in school, or fund more scholarships. Instead it is turned in to a game that will entertain mainly 12 year olds. Do you really think a fat pasty white nerd is going to want to join the army after playing this? Or does this supposed to somehow train people? I'm really confused as to its purpose.

I would really be more interested in a Navy game since that's what I'm joining.

As for the actual game, it definitely looked good. And you could tell it was beta just by normal movement, which will probably get better in the coming months. I played it for a few minutes and couldn't stand it because it was really slow, because my graphics card can't handle DX games like that without overclocking.

AA--or any good mod of the UT2003 or Doom3 engines--probably will take over CS when everybody goes out and buys 32mb video cards, because most of the CS players have sub-gigahert computers with 16mb video cards. As for cheating in CS, it's not half as bad as it was. You'll get cheating in every popular game, and when people see a fun thing to exploit they will.

I will wait until a full version comes out, because as I learned from playing CS that betas are fun but things get changed in the next update and you get pissed. I miss the bunny hop and the accuracy of the MP5 while jumping.

A kick ass game? As in any of the other games you talk about that are 'better' than CS yet have maybe like 200 people playing it versus CS which has over 15,000 dedicated servers online, and I don't know how many players.. The simplicity of Counter-Strike is what keeps it the most played definitely. I like the simplicity of Counter-Strike because it requires 'skill' in definite areas like reaction time and aiming, whereas with games like Tribes 2 or Deus Ex you have tons of weird guns and abilities that take forever to learn.
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