Mafia starts but wont load

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Mafia starts but wont load

Postby Philip_pc » Fri Feb 07, 2003 10:38 pm

my mafia is not working!
Two weeks ago i could play mafia perfectly, everything went smoothly and nothing went wrong.
but recently i came back from a 2 week holiday and when i start to play mafia now it starts but wont load.
i double click the mafia icon, the game starts up and i choose where i was up to last and it jumps to the screen where the red dots show the progress of loading, when the dots reach the end the screen just goes black and goes back to the desktop.......cannot play the game....can you tell me waht is wrong and posibly tell me how to fix this?
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Postby Demosthenes » Sat Feb 08, 2003 1:37 am

hmm, To many things can go wrong, to pin it down on one thing. Was your computer untouched while you were gone? or was someone else using it?

For now, I suggest you goto the save games folder, copy everything there, and put it in a new folder, maybe on your desktop. Then uninstall mafia (maybe delete the registry entry too, sometimes i find that that can fix probs) Then reinstall it, put the saves back in the save game folder, and try again.

If that does not work, and someone has been using your computer. Maybe look at your VGA driver version and see if its up to date, or if someone was tinkering with it (like a little bro or sis ;) )

Other then that, i dunno, i am sure someone with more knowledge then me will post :D but sometimes a fresh install can cure a lot of problems.
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