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Postby White Raven » Thu Jan 16, 2003 2:17 pm

1600? LMFAO I still run with a 1.1 Athlon. And not an XP Athlon.
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Postby david4991 » Thu Jan 16, 2003 6:22 pm

nice screamer a little jealous....its ok 1.2 duron its ok........
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Postby Vikster » Thu Jan 16, 2003 9:12 pm

The screamer was my holiday gift to myself. Now my nephew's arrived and I've got a new question. This is the first time I've gone with a fancy video card, mainly because I'm planning to work with some old home movies and convert and spice 'em up. So I'm not overly familiar with the various settings, and what the effects of the settings are.

My nephew is complaining that in Battlefield 1942 (his newest favorite) he's having trouble with the computer after he gets past the first couple levels. He says the mouse starts responding more and more sluggishly, and that the screen doesn't update properly. I watched and he's right. When he starts to aim, there's a several second lag time. And then when the mouse does find the target, there's no information given about it. It does not appear that he's shooting when he presses the left mouse button. This only occurs as he progresses in levels. The first level works fine. The second, a little less so. Then, the third gets kind of nasty after a few minutes.

Is this a problem with the game? I didn't see anything online about bugs like this. Is it my mouse (Logitech MX-700 Optical Cordless), or is it the video card (ATI Radeon 8500)? The monitor is an old HP Ultra VGA 1280 -- I don't THINK that's the problem.

I haven't run into any problems in my everyday use. But then, I haven't started working with my video project either. I know you all use the heck out of your video cards since you're all hard-core (compared to me) gamers. Any suggestions?
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