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Loki the monk
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is noboby bored with this thread yet?
does anyone actually read it? :?
i have a bad feeling about this...

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Post by aussiejunior »

I think I would have to say my all time favorite game is the diablo series, so long as you have the expznsions. Apart from that I still can't go past the 80's Streetrod 1+2 gotta love em.
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Post by Hog »

For pure addiction, I'd have to say Manic Miner on the ZX Spectrum way back in the day. Probably a function of my age back then too, but I'd play that game for hours and hours and hours. Went through 2 keyboards during that time too (one a result of hitting it in frustration).
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Post by greenfreak »

All-Time favorite game for me is a hard one to decide, I started gaming back when the original duke nukem came out, and went through the quake/ doom/ hexen phases, eventually getting the first Diablo, that was the clincher for me there, diable 2 rocked until all the hacks ruined it for me, Starcraft is a great one too.
As of right now I am in a BF1942 clan, so I have to say BF1942 is probably my all-time favorite game ever, I can't wait for the BF Vietnam release...
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tHe MuFfIn MaN
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I think the Sims, and SC4 were my favorites.
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Black Wolf
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Operation Flashpoint

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I have been playing it for the last two years straight since it came out, even went out and a built a dedicated server just for it when I host Lan parties for the game. Looking forward to operation flashpoint 2 being relased in 2004. ... ear/uk.htm
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Post by Tramp »

aussiejr and green ... Diablo is a great game ... wasted entirely too many hours on it ... :)

I agree with the comment about the hacks and stuff but I imagine that you prolly have a few of them if you are still playing ... LOL

What realms are you playing on ... I play on USWEST account TrampyJesters (one of the 7 accounts I have)

PM me I would not mind to play with some new peeps!!
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Soldier of Fortune II [img]%20Deathmatch[/img] all the way. For me, there is no other game. :twisted:
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