looking to upgrade

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looking to upgrade

Postby rhdowns » Mon Dec 18, 2006 9:51 pm

I have a computer that does pretty good for what I do but it is getting old and could perform better playing my two favorite games - world of warcraft and battlefield 2

I have a amd xp 2800 with 1gig of ram and 2 normal 80 gig hard drives and ati 9550.

Sometimes I run two warcrafts at a time which are real memory hogs. It is bearable but it definitely drags things down and sometimes the video card crashes.

I will probably keep the above computer as a working system.

I don't have to be on the latest cutting edge technology just a good solid mainly gaming system for the two games mentioned above. I would like a quiet system - this one is noisy and I got a case with lights which sucks cause it is in my room and I can't really leave it running at night. I don't need a new monitor i have a 19inch lcd to put this computer up to and I have a 32" lcd tv to hook the new system to.

I was thinking of spending like 700-1200 on the new system. Can you help me out with some suggestions!

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