Best motherboards on reliability/durability?

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Best motherboards on reliability/durability?

Postby Smig » Fri Nov 17, 2006 6:35 am

I've been a bit distant from mobo's latest advances but I need to get some pointers quickly again. Many mobos have been malfunctioning on my company lately and I've set myself to do some research and start demanding particular brands and models to our hardware suppliers (we've been letting that to their consideration). I'm going to extend this policy to other components but my priority are mobos right now.

So I need some info on what are the most stable and reliable boards/brands around. Should I look for something in particular? I don't care about features, multimedia options are the least of my worries, I just care about general performance and durability.

Anyone has something to say on the matter that could make my job researching them, easier? Any good/bad personal experiences with a particular brand/chipset/model?

Thanks for any help!

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