Motherboard Suggestion for Pentium D 945...

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Motherboard Suggestion for Pentium D 945...

Postby FungalGrowth » Mon Nov 13, 2006 7:28 pm

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a motherboard to go with my newly purchased Pentium D 945, but am having alot of trouble trying to find one with everything that I'd like. I've searched on the Intel and Gigabyte website aswell as Ebay, but it's hard sifting through all the hundreds of different boards. I don't know of any website where you can choose what features you want in a board and have it recommend you some ones, so I thought that hopefully someone here will be able to suggest some.

Here are the features I require:

* Compatible with Pentium D 945 socket 775
* 4 x DDR 400 DIMM slots (NOT DDR2)
* 2 x IDE connectors
* 1 x AGP slot

I think the main reason I'm having so much trouble is because it's a bit of an unusual configuration, but if anyone could help me, I'd be extremely appreciative! :D


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