Which CPU and MotherBoard suits my needs ?

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Which CPU and MotherBoard suits my needs ?

Postby mboard » Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:10 am

Hello all,
I have some confusion in choosing Processor and Motherboard, which suits my requirement. I am basically a system level programmer, where my work is to write system softwares in Linux and Windows. Mainly my coding happens in C and C++ - Linux. I enjoy Linux for kernel recompilation, understanding system internals. On the other hand, I use Windows for browsing, eMail, movies and offcourse code in Visual Studio too. But my most of coding experience happens with Linux. My snippets are into Network programming, ASM snippets to write system call wrappers, code Linux modules etc and I also use to write small level worm removal tools and anti-spywares.
On hardware level, I enjoy to work in higher end processors and motherboards. My confusion lies on whether to go for AMD or Intel. To Summarize up my requirements:

1) System level coder. Write tools like Network servers / clients, Linux kernel modules, Malware removal tools, Wrappers in both Linux and Windows
2) Use Windows for Browsing, Games, eMail, Movies; etc
3) Used to try many Linux distributions, Kernel recompilation, tweaking; etc

Now, I am looking for CPU, for pretty good speed, throughput and performance. I basically like AMD, based on the reviews I read in the Internet. But only thing I am worrying about AMD is for drivers available as far as the Linux world is concerned. Willing to see some suggestions and others from you all.

- Regards
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