best speakers for music sjys the limit?

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best speakers for music sjys the limit?

Post by dpnaugle »

I'm looking for the best speakers for my computer. I will be using
the onboard sound from an Abit IS7. I dont care what it cost and please if you think i need to invest in a sound card please say so. bottom line is I want the Best Sound for Music. I'm thinking cambridge soundworks but what do you all think

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Post by SnyperX »

look at Klipsch and Logitech or Creative

Cambridge makes decent stuff btu I'd put the others above them in my opinion at least

The only thing I'd make sure of is that the speakers are THX certified
one of my fav sets would be this ... ENTID=9486

I have not heard them anywhere bu on display in a store, but they sound incredibvle there. THX, 500w is a good amount of power which provides incredible loud and clear sund to the speakers and the sub

if you're looking for the best clarity and output, I'd upgrade to a PCI sound card such as this ... /catalina/

or a creative one I'd recommend above all, but their site is down right now
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Post by IanZ28 »

best possible audio would be to tie in the computer to your stereo system. Audio out to a receiver from a good Audigy 2 card with some good home stereo speakers. Besides that option........I don't know. I've always liked my Klipsch 4.1's (of course the 5.1's would be even better)

I personally had it set up both ways. Split the audio so I could use my bose system when watching downloaded movies on the tv or use both systems for parties.
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Post by profofpcs »

these are probably the best you can get money no object.......this sound card is probably the best money no object card.

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Post by EvLwMn »

I would definitely NOT use onboard sound if you want high quality sound out of your machine.

For speakers I personally like the Klipsch ones the best. I was at a computer show once listening to music on several different sets of speakers side by side (not at the same time of course) and the Klipsch sounded the best of all of them - yes even better than the high dollar Logitech sound system.

Just my $.02. :D
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Post by HollowPoint69 »

If you're listening to mp3s, it wouldn't make sense to get such high cost audio though. If your listening to WAVs, it may be a different story.
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Post by trexntx »

If money is no object go with Bose. Otherwise, Klipsch.

Frankly, for a computer you get your best bang for the buck with Midiland or another midrange priced speaker system.
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Post by IanZ28 »

The reason that I said "I don't know" earlier is because when deciding on a good stereo system it falls upon the listeners ears and preference. Some guys swear by one company while others think that same speaker sounds Terrible.

I do have to agree with Elvywmn (who has been around this site and computers longer than I have). The Klipsch speakers sounded best for me as far as my computer needs were concerned. IMHO 6.1's and 7.1's are a total waste of money. Do you really want that many little speakers (and wires) draped around your room. Similarly, when picking a set of speakers it is very important to take into account the size of the room the system is going to be set up in.

In a typical bedroom my 4.1's can reach unbelievable volume levels and sound excellent. While at the same time in a large living room they fall short and are lacking in punch and power for movies/music. This is where a good set of true home audio speakers and a real amp/reciever are very good.

The choice is yours.....but take your time and choose wisely. Spending a lot of money and then not liking the "sound" of the speakers is horrible.

Another opinion and a major reason I chose the Klipsch is because of the wooden enclosure for the subwoofer. This is very important........any plastic boxed sub sounds horrible.

Listen to the tweets (high range) for the clearest and cleanest sound (but not overly harsh) because dull sounding highs sound terrible. And Finally, the midrange (voice/guitar etc.) is very important as well (this is the only weak point to the Klipsch systems - 4.1's and 5.1's). The klipsch 2.1's are very weak and puny (do not get the 2.1's unless they are going in your bathroom).

Hope this helps some more.

I just went into Newegg.......I don't even know if they sell the 4.1's anymore. here are the 5.1's ... 106&depa=0
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Post by Peanya »

If money is no object go with Bose.
ROFL! Hate to break it to ya, but Bose is far from quality sound. You'll NEVER see them used in concerts or recording studios. Bose speakers work on the psychoacoustic theory, not accuracy. Put them against a quality pair of speakers that do reproduce sound accurately, and you'll be shocked. Klipsch does this as well with their main line of speakers, but not to such an extent as Bose. Go listen to some Wilsons :mrgreen:
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Post by snap355 »

I do agree that Klipsch speakers for computers are some of the best ones I heard when I was in the market for them
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