Where to get Slocket...

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Where to get Slocket...

Post by Snowfire »

Does anyone know where I can get a slocket? I would like to get one to upgrade my comp, but I can't seem to find them anywhere!
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Post by mathgeek »

Check out http://www.evergreennow.com/category.cfm?Category=10? but the prices may make a new MOBO and CPU, while a little costlier, a better choice. I have a Slot A Athlon that I've never upgraded with a slocket simply because the boards were better value.
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Post by jronald »

Look Here
Halfway down the page. 2nd Item under MOBOS
These guys are not fancy, but after several buys they have been outstanding. You Need Java to work!

"With this adapter, your older Slot 1 motherboard can reach new levels of performance! Our tests with several motherboards showed this adapter to work well in allowing the board to run a Celeron and a Pentium III Socket 370, both FCPGA & PPGA processors! These are short in supply and wont last long."

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Post by inteljunky »

www.compugeeks.com also has them
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Post by ironeagleuk »

is ebay not a good place to find them?
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Post by CDBurner »

inteljunky wrote:www.compugeeks.com also has them
Do you mean http://www.compgeeks.com? The link you posted doesn't work for me.
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