Getting hardware

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Getting hardware

Post by lvelasco »

Could somebody tell me where I can find good prices to bult by myself a new pc?

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new hardware

Post by spanky »

a good place to try would either be computer store's, flea markets, ebay. that is where i go to get my new parts and never have a problem as of yet.
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Post by Black Wolf »

Well if you live in the states you have a lot of differnt internet sites to choose from which have very good prices.
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Post by son0rous »

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Post by Copper »

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Post by Mr T »

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Post by dganz1 »

for canada:


sonex has better prices but harder to buy from, but nciz does price matching
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Post by dave_w »

In the us, find vendors/best prices from:

Also, some sites, such as
have good product evaluations from customers
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Post by oboeman2002 »


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