Very small PC or PC stick

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Very small PC or PC stick

Post by Robertg591 »

I have a small area to put a PC want to run windows 10.
The main game I would play is Forge of empires.
most of time it will be for shopping and browsing.
If it can play World of Tanks it would be nice but not necessary.

TV is old but it is a smart TV.
looking to spend around $200 to $600. price is flexible.
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Re: Very small PC or PC stick

Post by Mr T »

Don't buy a stick pc for running windows, low on RAM, low on hard drive space and not for gaming at all - windows 10 will fill a 32Gb drive to 20Gb straight off, download updates and its curtains and reinstall time..

Go down the mini itx route with an i3 and a small footprint case, stick in 8Gb of RAM and a a 240Gb SSD and your good to go. You can pick up second hand board, CPU and RAM cheaply, buy a new SSD though.

If mini ix is too big, look at Intels NUC, Asrock Beebox or Gigabyte brix, but to run games they are expensive compared to building your own.

Also, if you can run the games through Steam or on a non windows operating system, ditch windows for Linux as it is free, faster and more secure (and a fun learning curve)...
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Re: Very small PC or PC stick

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