Which motherboard would be good for my setup

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Which motherboard would be good for my setup

Postby Aiwa » Sat Jul 09, 2016 3:56 pm

Basically I have a GPU sitting around in my house that is not compatible with my motherboard (my motherboard is very old and uses different BIOS). Basically I want a motherboard that is compatible with my setup and that it will be compatible with my new GPU
My setup are as follows:

(Current) Motherboard - Pendragon 2AC2 (AMI BIOS)
CPU - i3 2100
GPU - GeForce 530 (I have a gtx 750ti that's waiting for me to buy a new motherboard)

If anyone can recommend me some motherboards to look at that would be compatible with this setup it would be much appreciated. I understand I will have to buy a power supply as well and most likely a case, and I will look into that once I have an idea of a few options for a motherboard. Also I would prefer if it was in a mid-range price.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Which motherboard would be good for my setup

Postby evasive » Sun Jul 10, 2016 12:28 am

Carmel board made by Pegatron for HP
http://www.ctechinfo.net/motherboards/p ... carmel.php

That is standard microATX so anything with that form factor will do.

What is your budget for the power supply and the board?
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