Microsoft Software For Windows 10 x64

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Microsoft Software For Windows 10 x64

Postby c327 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:25 am

Not sure if I asked this question before?

I need to purchase Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows 10 x64 and Possibly Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows 10 x64 (never saw what it looks like in person or how it really works). Hello greedy Microsoft......

Word 2016 I think I can buy by itself for around $100. but I think I want to also get Outlook which is included in Office and is all bundled up together with different programs some of which I will never use. What I think I want for one PC is Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 that includes Word, Outlook and a couple of other programs. This runs from $229. to a low off the internet of around $167. for a desktop version outright. From what I understand is that software in the form of a CD is a thing of the past and now comes as either a download or card of some kind.

Now my concern is which way is the best and safest way to get it and from who? Was looking around where I usually buy my PC stuff from and it looks like newegg isn't that big in software any more? Which is the best and safest way with this ???
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Re: Microsoft Software For Windows 10 x64

Postby Karlsweldt » Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:31 pm

You might want to look at Open Office which is an open-source program that can access almost any type of Microsoft Office® and associated file type, even create same. AKA "Freeware".
New Egg has become some what of a 'general store' with other merchants listed, not just their own items. Read the listings carefully to be sure it is from the source you want. As with any product, be it software or hardware, there are imitators.. good and bad. Best to purchase from a reliable source. Always ensure the license or COA is part of the package.
And a lot of sites do list the same product, different prices. But again, go with trusted sites only, to avoid malware and tracking cookies.
Program disks are not expensive to create, but shipping is still a cost item. A download of the program is as quick as it gets.
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