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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:52 am 
Black Belt 2nd Degree
Black Belt 2nd Degree

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davidnavratil wrote:
David here again - I've been to PCpartpicker for the last day trying to put together a system and wanted some thoughts of my progress.
CPU = [url][/url]
MB =
Case =
PS =
Memory =
Storage =
OD =

Thermal Past =

I still need to get a video card
So far the total wattage is 84 Watt, Price is $418.00

I know this post is probably messed up since I don't know how to put url links in here. Tks for any input in advance!! David

if you get a retail CPU (non-OEM) then it will come with thermal tape/paste already applied and you wouldn't need the arctic silver (unless you really want it, some people do).

personally, i always get a significantly higher-wattage PSU than required. a PSU that's rated for more than 120% of your max needs will be much more efficient in its energy usage. as the PSU reaches its maximum ratings, its power efficiencies reduce. even if you only have a max usage of 400-450w, i'd still be closer to 650w...that way you can easily drop in an additional few storage drives and sli/crossfire another GPU in there without getting too close to the max wattage ratings. i really only need probably 500-600w in my current system, but i have 850...i was able to drop in 2 additional GPUs and play with it because of the extra headroom.

just a thought.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:38 pm 
Enlightened Master
Enlightened Master

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Looks good. You won't need thermal paste as the CPU comes with a heatsink and fan and thermal paste. You also don't really need such a large case if you go mini ITX. Choose your video card, if you really need one (3D playback, remember your monitor or TV must be HDMI and be 3D too) then think of the case and remeber for thae case make sure the video card fits and it takes an ATX (regular sized) power supply...

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:46 am 
Mobo-fu Master
Mobo-fu Master

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Not bad for a mid-range system. A 2 TB drive is a bit large, but can fill up quickly with video files. Would be best to partition it into two or more drive spaces, keeping one partition for the OS and its programming, another for video or other files. The OS is a very messy "housekeeper", and a defrag is needed almost weekly to keep files contiguous.
As to a video card, either AMD or Nvidia are the top brands, and offer a broad range of models.
Check the specs of any video card you may be interested in, as many do require a dedicated power lead set from the PSU to work properly. The PSU should have that specific lead set, if not, there are adapters to use the Molex 4-pin power leads.
Your estimate of "84 watts" refers to what? For a system similar to yours, without a video card, closer to 250 watts minimal power requirement.

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