first ever build--need some experienced advise

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first ever build--need some experienced advise

Postby chimera_786 » Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:06 am

Hey guys. I have decided to build a desktop for the first time. I'll admit that I am a little slow getting to the plate but its never too late!

SO, with that, I want to first determine what my needs are. After some thought, my needs for this desktop are:

1- basic computer usage I.e. surfing streaming etc
2- running medium intense programs ( simualtion softwares ex: a very lite CAD software and few others)
3- watch HD stuff (stream)
4- the occasional game
5- upgrade capability

Now, I realize that some of my requirements may seem too generic but I guess they will refine as the process goes on. Based on conversations ive had with people and after some reading/researching, I have come to the conclusion that:

I NEED TO DTERMINE A MOTHERBOARD FIRST. From that I can determine what type of processor I can use.

Now you may ask why not determine what type of processor first and then find a motherboard that is compatible? Well to that I answer: motherboard and its chipset is the thing that will 'bottleneck' performance.

So, I have read up on motherboards and how the chipset is important, but I don't fully understand what other capabilities of the motherbaord shud I focus on.

What is a good brand for beginners such as my self who are looking to have a decent out of the box set up but also a good learning experience. I hope I am being clear in conveying over my thought process.

Thanks for looking and looking forward to helpful replies!!
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