Which Mousepad for a G9?

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Which Mousepad for a G9?

Postby Badkarma » Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:24 pm

My razer copperhead of 4 years messed up on me recently (lens became scratched and caused erratic tracking) so I've ordered a Logitech G9 as a replacement. I was hoping I could get good suggestions on a mouse pad that goes well with it. I like my mice to move almost effortlessly with barely any friction at all.

I currently use a kinda plastic vinyl type mousepad with my Copperhead, it worked really well with it so I never looked into buying another. I don't expect the G9 will work as well with it being its feet are absolutely huge (more surface area = more resistance). I'd rather have people of personal experience with the mouse and pad they're suggesting but any suggestions are welcome. I would appreciate the help :)
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