Don't buy from tekheads if you live in the UK

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Don't buy from tekheads if you live in the UK

Postby alatheia00 » Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:02 am


Everyone let me save you alot of trouble, do not buy from Tekheads. I recently purchase a motherboard from Ebuyer and everything was great the board came within two days even though I had payed for cheaper shipping anyway me being a cheap skate I saw another site that had cheaper goods than ebuyer and i thought the next purchase's I make will be from there.

Anyway long story short goods arrive seven days later even though delivery says max 5 days, when I open the box, I noticed at the bottom of my cpu box one of the flaps is hanging off and through the plastic front my cpu has a unnatural mark not related to manufacturing across it, basically its a return.

The cpu is only a temporary Amd Sempron 140, but I know even before I put it in my machine someone has tested it and either the second core doesn't unlock or there are some problems with it. This has really made me angry as I was looking forward to my build. Now I know the outcome already. Needless to say I won't be using tekheads ever again.

The old adage is true you get what you pay for stick to ebuyer they are cheap and good quality service.

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