Need advice on new mobo

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Need advice on new mobo

Postby Saigon Cowboy » Wed Nov 13, 2002 12:44 pm

Hi all. I am looking to upgrade an old HP system with a new mobo. It is a 1.3GHz Athlon running on an OEM board of unknown origin (may be ASUS). I have a SOYO KT333 Dragon Lite ($87.00 at Fry's) and I love it. I am looking for something comparable in both options and price. It needs to be able to accept up to a 2200 or better CPU, VIA 333 chipset (NOT 400!), have onboard audio, LAN, AGP 4X or better, USB 2.0, 1394, and the usual peripheral options. Upgradability is the key issue here as I will be constantly upgrading the system until I get it to a point I am happy with. RAID is not all that important, but if it has it, great! I have been eyeballing the Albatron KX400 ($79.00 at Fry's) because it seems to meet or exceed my criteria. What are your opinions on this board? Can you suggest any other quality brands and models that meet my criteria? As always thanks for any help.
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Postby slingo » Thu Nov 14, 2002 10:41 am

I've used a couple of Soltek SL-75DRV5 boards that were excellent. Cheap price with stellar performance and overclocking abilities. Doesn't have all the frills like raid, usb 2.0, but that sounds like what your looking for anyway. Never had a problem with them so I dont know about Soltek's tech support. All the reviews were good. Might give em a look.
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Postby tannji » Sat Nov 16, 2002 12:23 am

take a gander at the Asus A7N8X... fastest AMD board on the market, and has everything except for raid and vid onboard, so it will be a fairly cheap, and super stable build. the audio is better than audigy or extigy, and the usb 2.0, firewire, and dual nics dont use the pci bus, and dont stress your cpu as much as other solutions on all the other boards. simply the best AMD option right now, altho not the best known..... yet = )

good luck

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Postby sirchone » Sun Nov 17, 2002 8:16 pm

The nforce board will be a great solution, but at nearly twice the cost, the albatron has great reviews and appears to be a very stable board and very over clockable.
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Postby IanZ28 » Mon Nov 18, 2002 3:16 am

The Asus nforce board is around $150 at Newegg. Currently sold out.....guess there is a good demand.

If I had just waited a couple of weeks this is probably what I would have gotten.
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