Wireless Router

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Wireless Router

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Hello Folks,

Need recommendations and or suggestions regarding a new wireless router to be used on my AT&T U-verse fiber optic network. I have had the standard ATT router for a few years now and it seems to work fine ???? BUT:

I now have 3 new SMART TV's and all three are on my network 2 wireless and one wired via ethernet cable cat6 23/4 type CMR riser. The cabling from the low voltage panel to the router is cat6. One TV is hardwired to the router with the cat6 riser cable as is my laptop. My current internet speed is around 121 Mbps up and down. I don't know if my current ATT U-verse router Model 5268AC can now handle what is on my home network?

I would appreciate some suggestions on where I am at performance wise and if its recommended to upgrade my current router to something better.

Thanks again.....Mark
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Re: Wireless Router

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Load your system and see how it runs. If all works ok, you won't need to upgrade. If anything falls over, you may need a better router. I highly recommend a router by ASUS as it is easy to setup and very good for VPN's.
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