Rules for the Operating System Forum

Discussions, problem solving, and tips and trick for operating systems go here. Windows, Mac, and Linux are ok. If you want to fight or put down an OS go to The Hundred Year War Forum. It will not be tolerated here. Make sure to post what OS is being discussed in the title of your post.

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Rules for the Operating System Forum

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Be sure to read the General Posting Rules.

Rules for the Operating System Forum:

1. This forum is for Operating System questions only! "What is the best OS?" and "Why does Windows DO that???" are the kinds of questions for this forum. Anything else needs to be posted in the appropriate forum.

2. Specific is Terrific! PLEASE be as detailed as possible when posting here, giving full description of errors and BSODs(Blue Screen of Death). We can't help you if we don't know what's wrong.

3. Please check your spelling! We have a preview area for the posts, and I encourage everyone to use it. It just makes it easier to answer the questions if we can actually read them. :wink:

4. Note from MoboCop: This forum is not for OS pissing. It is to be a place of help and advice. You want to trash an OS go to The Hundred Year War Forum and take your best shot. Posts that are derogatory towards an OS or a person will be DELETED. ANY OS is valid for discussion.
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