Drive cloned to SDD boots but doesn't not load.

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Drive cloned to SDD boots but doesn't not load.

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I have cloned an SSD in a desktop to another SSD which is now in a laptop but the new SSD gets stuck at the spinning blue windows icon on a black screen (windows boot logo is not on screen however).

Initially I couldn't get it to boot but after editind the boot partition I have not set the correct partition to boot. I read it might be caused by Nvidia drivers (imagine that :lol:) so I have set it to boot into safe mode by again editing the EFI/Microsoft/Boot/BCD directory, setting the boot policy to legacy so I get the safe mode option old school windows style.

However, it now gets stuck at the spinning disk (1 hour and no change).

Likely something to do with drivers? Is there some way to delete/force a re-installation of motherboard and system drivers upon boot?

The source drive in the desktop is 250 GB SSD off a ASUS rampage 3 Extreme with a bunch of drives and devices attached to it (keyboard, musical keyboard, mouse, etc). The OS was installed on a legacy type BIOS, with drives in SATA mode (not IDE)

Laptop with cloned drive is a Lenovo Flex 3 1580 with. Default in BIOS is UEFI but have changed to legacy and disabled secure boot, Intel Virtualization Technology and Intel Platform Trust Technology. Also have tried with secure boot enabled.

OS is Windows 10 Pro.

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Re: Drive cloned to SDD boots but doesn't not load.

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Save yourself some time and INSTALL windows. It is still near impossible to clone a harddrive and expect it to work in a system with totally different hardware.
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Re: Drive cloned to SDD boots but doesn't not load.

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not only is the chipset probably way different... I think windows10 does not like to be changed to a different motherboard if it is an installation from oem disk, and you will have difficulty getting m$ to activate it. maybe you used a retail version of win10?
but yeah, what evasive said... the headache of having to install all the programs and port data over to the laptop will be lesser than the headache of trying to iron out all the kinks doing it the way you are.
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