file sharing, username password authentication, server2008r2

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file sharing, username password authentication, server2008r2

Postby leasoncre » Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:05 am

Setting up file sharing using username password authentication on server 2008 r2

I am trying to set up file sharing on my new install of Windows Server 2008R2, with permissions and username/password authentication.

I have already installed the "File Services" Role
I have already added about 20 usernames w/ "default" password (must change at next logon). All of these users are in one group (NetworkUsers).
They will only be connecting to get movies and stuff with read/execute access only, however there will be a (ShareDrive) folder where they can Read/Write.
And an administrators group that will have full access to all the shares. (some will be hidden)

I have successfully setup this when I had vista installed, (screw vista) it finally crashed and I was planning on fresh installing with server 2008 anyway.

The server will be on a private WORKGROUP LAN.

When I had vista the machine would ask for username/password authentication.
Since installing server 2008 when I attempt to share drives/folders/files it does not ask for any authentication (when set with Everyone permissions)
When I set it to only share with NetworkUsers and Administrators groups with permissions set. And I attempt to connect from another computer on the network it give me an error message saying "you do not have the permissions to access this resource" or something similar.
And it DOES not ask for a username/password.

I understand using permissions and file sharing on a LAN
I do not understand how to set up server 2008 to ask for username/password network authentication

I have been searching the internet for a week now, maybe I’m not searching for the right thing but I can’t find "stupid proof" (or otherwise) instructions on how to do this.
If I have to implement some version of AD, that would be fine if I knew how to set it up from scratch.

Approx. 20 users in the NetworkUsers group
2 Administrators in the Administrators group
NetworkUsers will have read/execute access only for all shares except a single “ShareDrive” (Read/Write)
Administrators will have full Read/Write access to all shares.

How do I make the server require username/password authentication? (w/o certificates, and encryption optional)
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Postby Karlsweldt » Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:24 pm

Should be all you need in this MS link.
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Postby leasoncre » Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:42 pm

The link you listed did not help
I am new to the Server OS and that web page went over my head.
I need "help for dummies" if you know what i mean

I can configure sharing permissions just fine, it's that the server doesn't ask for a username/password when i click on it (from another computer). this is regardless of how i set the permissions.
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