Which OS should I use for my next build?

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Which OS should I use for my next build?

Windows XP
Windows Vista
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Windows 7
Dump the PC go to Mac OS 10
No votes
Mac OS 10 with Windows Dual Boot
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Mac OS 10 with Parallels Desktop
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Computers are the devils work!!
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Total votes : 10

Postby FatMikel » Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:18 am

I agree with Mr T.

If you're just using it for everyday tasks, listening to music, watching videos or whatever, go with Ubuntu (or one of the other friendly Linux distros).

However, if you want the familiarity of Windows and want to indulge in gaming - Windows 7 all the way.
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Postby BIGMAN131307 » Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:43 am

:-k Well for the longest time I used my computer for gaming, surfing, music, etc.

Gaming - 70%
Surfing & music, etc - 30%

But as of late that has now switched to:

Gaming - 30%
Surfing & music, etc - 70%

This has happened because I haven't liked many new games. I find myself having to fall back on older titles.


So would a dual boot be a viable option? This way I can play games when I wanted, then switch back later.

What would be the top 5 user friend Linux distros? Easy to install, updates often, plug n play friendly, etc??
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