Copying a file with Illegal Characters (SOLVED)

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Copying a file with Illegal Characters (SOLVED)

Postby Pette Broad » Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:21 am

Here's the problem. I have a file that I need to copy from one computer to another. Unfortunately this file has some illegal characters in the file name and all attempts to copy it have so far failed. I think that the file was most likely created in an Eastern European language, possibly Russian. I cannot simply rename the file and then copy it because the file name has to remain the same for it to work and it'd be almost impossible to rename it back to the original name once I'd copied it. Any ideas? Any utilities that might do this for me?



EDIT, Simple solution, I compressed it to RAR format, copied the file, then unrared it. I had already tried Zip, but that didn't work.
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