iOS vs Linux

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iOS vs Linux

Postby c327 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:46 am

I currently am using a 2 year old Sager laptop that's running Windows 10 and also have an iPad Pro running iOS 11.1

For protection of nasties on the laptop I run Windows Defender, Super Anti Spyware (free), CCleaner (free) and Malwarebytes Premium (pay) and have not have any problems with it.

For my new iPad Pro I don't run anything other than what is included with the Apple updates and have not ever had a problem.

My question is as compared with a Windows computer running Linux and a iPad Pro running nothing but iOS 11.1
Which of the two would be less likely to catch a nasty?

The reason I ask is that a Windows computer as it stands with out additional safeguards is just asking for trouble but the additional safeguards cost money every year you have it. Just wondering if I would have been better just getting a good quality Apple laptop that would cost pretty much the same as a mid level Sager laptop.

Knowing full and well that Apple anything for the most part is highly proprietary and has its draw backs.

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Re: iOS vs Linux

Postby Karlsweldt » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:40 am

A reason why the Apple® OS versions are less prone to 'nasties' is that they are Unix-based, or open-source code. Any problems can be easily found and fixed. The Windows® OS versions are proprietary, secretive code. Takes a team of savvy sleuths to figure out what the 'nasties' are and effect a fix.
Then too, the majority of software is based on the Windows® OS platform, but still a lot of choices for Unix or Linux based OS versions.
I would still employ a quality AV/firewall program on any computer, laptop or tablet.. or smartphone. More than just basic protection, you can get identity/Email protection and secure browsing with them.
The majority of computer use today is based on a Microsoft® platform. Doesn't matter business, banking, personal or security needs.
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Re: iOS vs Linux

Postby Roach412 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:13 pm

c327 wrote:The reason I ask is that a Windows computer as it stands with out additional safeguards is just asking for trouble but the additional safeguards cost money every year you have it

I've never paid for any protection software, and have never had a "nasty" of any level which couldn't be pretty easily removed by any free software.

Linux (and iOS) are such a small and less lucrative target that historically hackers haven't focused on them. it's just a matter of volume for effort invested.
quite honestly, if you don't do activities which put you at risk of picking up nasties, you generally won't get them. doing risky activities, whether on windows, iOS, or any *nux still exposes you to the possibility of contracting something - if anything iOS has become more of a target, and they've missed some basic security aspects that they've just been able to skate by with. That won't/isn't really the case as much anymore - there's some savvy iOS hacks out there, they are not immune.

Simply put; I don't use client software for email. I don't torrent. I don't surf dubious sites. etc...etc... No nasties. Run of the mill Win10 (updated) running defender with CCleaner. Scan daily. Update automatically. Don't open sketchy email attachments, always require administrator password for system changes, don't click on bait links...

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