HELP PLEASE! Flashing bios/Autoexec.bat

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HELP PLEASE! Flashing bios/Autoexec.bat

Postby ephesis » Sat Sep 14, 2002 9:37 am

I'm in dire need of some expert opinion. To make a long story short (and in case you're interested in what I'm doing, please read my post under Motherboard ID-page 2-"No one knows..." by ephesis.

I've decided (due to the ROM Bios checksum error) to reflash my bios using a bios update I used the last time my bios was flashed. (Hoping to restore the old code)

I'm using a disk I created and running the flash from the autoexec.bat file. My questions are in reference to the creation of that file...and it doing what I'm expecting...correctly.

Here is the Autoexec.bat file:
@echo off
ifexist oldbios.bin goto old
awdflash.exe 6240v213.bin oldbios.bin /py /sy /cc /cp /cd /sb /e
goto end
awdflash.exe oldbios.bin /py /sn /cc /cp /cd /sb

First...I got this info from questions...
1.) The reference to "oldbios.bin" confuses me in this file. Do I replace "oldbios.bin" with the proper name for the file which is the code on the chip now? I'm reflashing with the SAME code because the code on the chip is corrupt. Would I use 6240v213.bin in place of oldbios.bin?

My other questions are in reference to the answer to the first one! hehe! They'll have to wait!

In case you're wondering...the whole purpose of the file is to create a backup of the corrupt code (just in case) and flash the chip with the same uncorrupt version....If for any reason there is a problem with the flash, I should theoreticly be able to reboot from the same floppy and restore my corrupt previous version....taking me back to where I started. I left out the /r switch for this reason. I don't want a reboot off that floppy after the flash. Any thoughts?

Thanks....I really appreciate your time and help on this one! :!:
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Postby Hardware Junkie » Sat Sep 14, 2002 12:18 pm

The old chip code would be saved to the oldbios.bin file...does not really matter what the name is.

Keep in mind, if the flash fails, you may not be able to boot your system the next time around. So do so at your own risk.
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