award PCI/PNP 686

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award PCI/PNP 686

Postby cervenka19 » Thu Sep 05, 2002 3:31 am

:x award PCI/PNP 686
I cant flash my BIOS
I do not know that type BIOS I have, because on MB is type : K7VZA 211, award 1988, 264336282 PCI/PNP 686 and on screen is MB ECS K7VZA - B KT 133, version 3.2b 04/30/2001. I try to use later versions from "
I try to use V3.6a but I get message "Verify error" then I try to use V3.4 and I get massage "Flash type - Unknown flash type"
Please HELP ME , thanks !!!!!!

Postby Denniss » Thu Sep 05, 2002 9:38 am

You have a K7VZA Rev 3 with KT-133 chipset .
Your board should have two jumpers maybe preventing from flash :
One Flash/bootblock protection jumper and one Flash voltage selection jumper .
Have a look into your manual how to set them to flash - disable flash protection . The flash voltage jumper should be left at factory settings .
IF flashing is no go the try the voltage jumper .
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