BIOS Update For TB-6LX (using i440LX chipset)

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BIOS Update For TB-6LX (using i440LX chipset)

Postby zuba88pi » Wed Aug 28, 2002 8:01 pm

1. I've searched high and low for BIOS update for this Mobo, unfortunately none available.
2. The details are :
Mobo = TB-6LX
BIOS type = Award
BIOS version = 4.51PG (05/11/1998-i440LX-8679-2A69JT19C-00)
CPU = Celeron 266MHz, overclocked to 333MHz using 83MHz FSB
RAM = SDRAM PC100 160MB (32MB + 128MB)
3. I just recently upgrade my HD to 80GB Western Digital. The BIOS simply could not recognize the new HD and just hang at boot time.
4. I don't want to use Ontrack's Dynamic Drive Overlay (DDO) to manage the new HD. I'd prefer the BIOS to do the job.

Please HELP :cry:

Thanks for any help.

Regards zuba88pi.

Postby Denniss » Thu Aug 29, 2002 1:56 am

Jump over to or and let your Bios be patched from the Discussion Board moderators for HDD up to 128GB
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