My bios is erased..?!

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My bios is erased..?!

Postby LisbonBoy32 » Tue Aug 27, 2002 1:08 pm


I need help! I was trying to update my Bios, but by error i flash it rong.
Now, even at the monitor screen nothing appears, only a beep.
I try to find any kind of update, but nothing result.
Do i need to buy a new chip, and put it at the computer?

The MotherBoard i use is a DFI, model CA61 - Revision B1.
The Chip inside the Computer is the follow:

The manufacter is:


and theres a seal whit this reference:

AWARD - 1998 - PCI/PNP 686

and this number: 243948423

At the top of the chip there are this references:


Can someone tell me what to do? Is it yet possible to put the bios right?
And if not, where can i buy the correct one?

Thank you.

Lisbon - Portugal


Postby Hardware Junkie » Tue Aug 27, 2002 1:26 pm

A couple of things to try.

If you have another computer you could try "hot flashing" it.
Check forums for how this works. They have a thread there deticated to this kind of stuff

You can also contact for a new preprogrammed chip.
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