Rules for the BIOS Forum.

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Rules for the BIOS Forum.

Post by Tolemac »

Be sure to read the General Posting Rules.

Rules for the BIOS Forum:

1. This section is for BIOS related questions, tips, tricks, flashing, settings, etc. All other questions must be posted in the appropriate forum.

2. Please be as specific as possible when asking a BIOS related question. Use this handy form so that we will know what you have:

Mobo = (make and model and revision)
BIOS type = (whether Award or AMI and which version)
BIOS version = (This is the one currently on the mobo. eg: v5.5)
RAM = (type and amount)

Be sure to check out Doc Overclock's How to Flash a BIOS Without Giving Yourself a Headache guide. 8)
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Post by Toby B. »

Due to the lack of ownership verification of computers, and laptops we are no longer offering any form of support for lost/forgotten passwords. This goes for BIOS, Windows log in, etc.

ANY posts asking for help with removal or cracks to passwords will be deleted immediately.

Any questions on this new rule please feel free to PM or email me or one of the other moderators.

thanks for your cooperation.

Update - This does not apply to Forum log in problems. These issues need to be addressed to MoboCop.