BIOS Update - Best Method

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BIOS Update - Best Method

Post by meppwc »

I do not update BIOS often enough to feel real sure of it without reaching out for some expert advice
If I wanted to know the most recent BIOS version available for my Intel DQ35JOE, and, the best method to install it, what advice can someone give me?

I am doing a clean install of Windows 7 and I want to be sure the BIOS is up to date as well.
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Re: BIOS Update - Best Method

Post by Karlsweldt »

Lower left corner of the first info screen will be a string of characters. This is a positive ID of the board, BIOS version and creation date. Search for that info, should be some links. Best would be to go to the Intel® site, search for the motherboard model. Should be a list of drivers, CPU types and BIOS versions. Possibly the base model of your motherboard is compatible across different models. ... ard-DQ35JO
A BIOS update is needed only if a newer CPU or other features are available. Ensure you do a backup of the original BIOS program if a need to revert.
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