New PC Test Card - Chipset help!

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New PC Test Card - Chipset help!

Postby zink66 » Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:52 am

I ordered a PC Test card and it came with a manual listing result codes and what they mean for different chipsets. Some of these include:

AMI Color
AMI Ez-Flex
AMI Plus
Compaq General
Phoenix 4.0

I've checked the POST on the machine I'm testing and it says "AMI" but doesn't specify which of the 3. Does anyone have any insight? I wish I could give the make/model of the PC, but it's a compilation of random left over parts. I plan to take this tester to job sites with me and I don't really have time to go online and look up the motherboard to find out each one.

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Postby Karlsweldt » Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:27 pm

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The first screen you note on powering up will have some important info.. at the bottom left corner will be the BIOS string, a positive ID of the mobo and version/date. Prior to that info showing, the BIOS will flash a brief header relating to the type/version at the top of the screen. If the video card has a splash feature, it too will show under that BIOS version info.
If the unit has no pre-post display, just a logo, then you may want to check into a diagnostics program such as Everest ultimate.. from which is not expensive, yet will display all info about a computer, including chipset type, BIOS date, GPU type, and memory stats.
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