Olivetti Motherboard model BA2164

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Olivetti Motherboard model BA2164

Post by Erik_I »

Dear All,

I have an old Olivetti computer I thought I'd get up and running, but the one running is me, and into problems.

I can not get the BIOS to properly configure any hard drives.

The computer came with two old IDE hard drives and were originally identified (not now though).

A CF card is identified through its IDE adapter, though not its 2 GB partition (instead the whole sice of some 8 GB is displayed).

Trying to run a Win98 installer the computer complains that it does not appear to have any proper partitions installed (regardless of whether any hard rives or CF cards were connected). Sometimes I will also get a HDD controller error.

My main hope is to reset the BIOS. As there is no Reset Settings options in the BIOS, I removed the CMOS batteyr (to no avail). And so, my final hope (it seems to me) would be to physically remove/replace the BIOS jumper. However the motherboard displays no information as to its location (if any).

Hence, if anyone has any ideas as to how to solve this, or indeed has a digital scan of the motherboard jumper locations, kindly notify me.

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Re: Olivetti Motherboard model BA2164

Post by evasive »

Hi, it is possible you need a separate floppy with software to do settings in the bios. I will try and find out, at the same check if there is a manual available too.
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